A Delicate Balance: Women Leveraging Feminine (as Well as Masculine) Leadership Strengths at Work

Designed for women, this workshop addresses the importance to women of being able to leverage both masculine and feminine strengths — and the “tightrope act” that this requires. To succeed as business leader, research confirms, women have to demonstrate masculine strengths. They have to have “grit” — be confident, assertive and decisive. BUT it is easy to overdo this and be called that “B-word.” Or women can become “honorary men” or lose their authentic selves. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore the rewards and the risks of shifting along the masculine-feminine continuum. They will learn how to leverage both masculine and feminine strengths — and remain authentic.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of the gravitational pull of the primarily masculine definition of leadership in our culture.
  • An appreciation of the costs of working and leading in a predominantly masculine way.
  • The ability to identify and value under-utilized feminine strengths.
  • Tools for authentically mastering the “tightrope.”

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