The Wholistic Leader: Leveraging Masculine and Feminine Strengths for Effectiveness and Results

Leaders today need to add to their leadership toolkits qualities, such as inclusiveness, that were less critical in the past. Inspiring and engaging a diverse workforce requires leaders to value the strengths of those different from themselves. The traditional form of leadership is heavy on masculine strengths – e.g., confidence, directness, and decisiveness. Today’s leaders must also be collaborative, empathetic, intuitive and vulnerable (feminine strengths).

In this workshop, participants will explore the differences between masculine and feminine styles of thinking, working and leading – and the strengths of both styles. They will recognize that these terms are not the same as “male” and “female”; masculine and feminine qualities appear in both men and women.  In managing and working with others, the best leaders recognize and value both approaches. That increases engagement – and leads to better results.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of what a “masculine” vs. a “feminine” style of leadership looks like – and when each is most effective.
  • An awareness that each of us naturally has both masculine and feminine strengths and can be more effective by leveraging both.
  • Skills to become a more “wholistic” leader (using and modeling both styles).