Masculine and Feminine Presenters

DifferenceWORKS, LLC. offers its half-day and full-day workshops on topics related to masculine and feminine differences with a male and female presenter.  Caroline Turner, principal of DifferenceWORKS, co-facilitates these workshops with either Rich Grenhart, Psy.D. or (particularly when the audience is in the legal profession) Stewart Hirsch. These workshops are a core offering of DifferenceWORKS, enabling leaders to achieve better business results by leveraging the strengths of both men and women.

For longer workshops and training sessions, variety and energy are increased by having two facilitators. Having one male and one female presenter adds richness and depth to exploration of this topic. For certain audiences, having the male as well as female perspective will increase credibility and assure that this issue is seen as what it is — a business issue (rather than a “women’s issue.”)

Caroline noted that, “In our two-facilitator programs, the feedback is very strong. Participants noted the value of having both perspectives and the energetic dialogue that arose from having the two facilitators. In designing the program, I learned again that having two heads is better than one. Difference does work!”

All workshops offered by DifferenceWorks on topics involving the masculine-feminine continuum can be offered in a variety of formats — a single presenter for shorter workshops and either one or two presenters for longer workshops.



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