Better Leaders, Better Results: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Strengths in Individuals, Teams and Organizations

This workshop uses “gender” as an entry point to an eye-opening understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion. We’ll use gender difference to understand how to deal effectively with, and leverage, all kinds of differences. The issue of diversity will be addressed for what it is — a business issue. We will crack the code on “gender” differences by focusing, not on men and women, but on masculine-feminine differences.

Participants will develop an appreciation of feminine as well as masculine styles of working and leading – in men and women. This allows for greater individual effectiveness and greater team engagement and performance.  We will explore the cultural bias that explains the slow pace of having gender diversity in leadership – and the perpetuation of a masculine-dominated definition of leadership. This understanding frees men as well as women to operate in a more authentic, wholistic way. We will address these issues without judgment or blame.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A fact-based understanding of how leveraging the strengths of both masculine and feminine approaches can increase engagement and business results.
  • Skills to employ both feminine and masculine strengths for greater effectiveness.
  • Tools to appreciate both styles and so create teams and organizations of inclusion.
  • Awareness of unconscious bias and skills to decrease the effect of bias in the workplace.

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