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DifferenceWORKS offers workshops on topics that focus on a leader’s ability to appreciate and leverage difference-and the emotional intelligence needed to be successful.DifferenceWORKS offers workshops on topics that focus on a leader’s ability to appreciate and leverage difference-and the emotional intelligence needed to be successful. This training develops leaders, builds workforce skills and generates improved team dynamics and performance. Caroline can conduct an assessment of the client organization, culture and team and then design or customize a workshop on why and how to create inclusivity in the workplace. Her book, Difference Works: Improving Retention, Productivity and Profitability through Inclusion, provides credibility and a wide array of topics on leveraging masculine and feminine approaches in the workplace.

DifferenceWORKS designs and tailors workshop series to meet our clients’ needs. Individual sessions may be sub-topics related to a key theme. Or topics may be selected and connected to address areas of particular interest, to enhance teamwork, or to fill gaps in your organization’s training resources.

  • All workshops employ accelerated learning techniques, based on known adult learning styles. Caroline’s training programs are interactive and experiential. “The learning sticks.”
  • Workshop participants practice new skills and do action planning, committing to make practical workplace application of what they have learned. As a result, participants deepen their learning, improve, change and grow.
  • Workshop series include individual or group coaching between sessions. Single workshops can also be combined with follow-up coaching sessions to be sure the learning is applied and incorporated as new behaviors.

DifferenceWorks – Keynotes

Caroline Turner, principal of DifferenceWORKS, provides engaging, thought-provoking keynote speeches on topics of leadership, organizational culture, inclusion and understanding difference at work. An engaging and inspiring speaker, Caroline involves her audiences in her topic rather than talking to them. When she speaks, audiences see things in a new way, they laugh, and they remember things she has said.

Caroline has a personal mission of helping leaders create inclusive cultures and maximize business results by appreciating and leveraging difference. Caroline is an expert on gender differences with a focus on the workplace. She applies this knowledge to speeches that inspire her audiences to create inclusive cultures and effective teams and teams of men and women.


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