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KG webinar

Again and again, we see evidence that gender diversity makes huge business sense. Just recently, McKinsey said, “If every state and city made progress toward gender parity, they could add at least 5% to their own economies. Half of U.S. states can add more than 10%.” Then WHY are women (who represent 45% of the total S&P 500 workforce) still, in those companies, only just over 25% of executive officers and 19% of board members – and 4% of CEO’s? Wouldn’t you think that the business case would make business leaders see gender diversity as a business priority – and do whatever they can to make progress?

How can it be that boards of directors – or at least the male members – still don’t think diversity is very important? PricewaterhouseCoopers’ annual survey of corporate board members shows that, while 80% of women directors think that diversity leads to more effective boards, just 40% of men directors agree.

So the data show that gender diversity is important to the bottom line. And the data show that men at the top aren’t hearing (or acting on) that data! How can we break through this logjam? How can we help men hear this? How can we help leaders take action to capture the benefits of gender diversity?

The DifferenceWORKS approach can provide a solution. I’ll be addressing the logjam – and a breakthrough approach – with my colleagues at The Kaleidoscope Group on April 21. We’re offering a free webinar on Thursday at 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time. We will outline our approach of increasing understanding and appreciation of both masculine and feminine strengths. We will show how leveraging both kinds of strengths – in both men and women – can help businesses capture those business benefits of gender diversity.

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