Women in the World: Not a Pretty Picture

Our diversity training programs and my blogs focus on gender diversity in the workplace, specifically at the leadership levels of business. This issue, while important, is the tip of the iceberg. There are more serious issues that I think are related. Women are under-represented and under-compensated not only in business but in educational, government, medical, military and non-profit workplaces. While business women are economically self-sufficient, many women live in poverty. Women are the victim of domestic and sexual violence across the globe. Are there common attitudes about women that underlie all of these issues?

Changing Our Images of Women

One of the mindsets that create obstacles for women in the workplace is “unconscious images.” We have mental pictures of how leadership looks and what women want and can do. In our workshops, we bring this and other mindsets to conscious awareness. In the news, we see women leaders and experts, including Fortune 500 CEO’s. Lean-In.org and Getty Images have joined these efforts to broaden our images of women’s potential. They have published a gallery of 2,500 images of women and men that challenge old stereotypes.