Masculine and Feminine Differences: Nature, Nurture or a Collaboration?

I am interested in the roots of masculine-feminine differences in nature and nurture. I want experts to tell me if I have this right or wrong. Cultural influences on where a person operates along the masculine-feminine continuum include norms, expectations, and approval/disapproval. One tends to do what he or she is encouraged and rewarded for doing. Repeated behaviors create and deepen neuropaths, creating habits. Cultural influences seem to reinforce physiological differences. Nature and nurture collaborate. The good news is we are not hard wired. We – and our brains – can change. Both men and women can learn and use both masculine and feminine strengths to be more effective.

Defining Masculine and Feminine Approaches: Roots in Nurture (Part 2): We work like we play

A continuation of the exploration of roots of masculine-feminine differences in nature and nurture: We focus on differences in how Max (the prototype of masculine) and Fran (the prototype of feminine) play as children. In the workplace, Max and Fran behave very like they played as children. Max played in competitive, aggressive hierarchies. Fran played in “flat” networks where relationships trumped winning or the rules. See how these differences show up at work!