Deaf, Blind, Biased – or Stumped? Why Leaders Don’t Respond to the Business Case for Gender Diversity

Why might the message about the value of diversity not be heard? Why might leaders hear it but not buy it? Why do men who do buy it not take effective action? These are not rhetorical questions. I have some ideas but I want your thoughts.

It’s Just a Matter of (More) Time

I actually thought that, by now, women would be proportionately represented in the upper levels of organizations (a similar percentage at the entry, middle and top levels). That is still far from the case, and I feel frustrated. And yet, I appreciate how the obstacles still faced by women are somewhat understandable in light of the relatively rapid change in the roles and expectations for women over the past 60 years. It has been a “matter of time” for a long time. And it still is.

Messages in the Air We Breathed

I am out to expose and eradicate anything that gets in the way of women being able to reach their potential. One thing that gets in the way is “mind-sets” — often unconscious ways we think as a result of our early-life experiences. Images from the 1950’s capture ways people discounted the value of women. That thinking that may still influence the experiences of women – and give rise to obstacles like the double bind and gendered definitions of leadership.

Women Working with Women: Is the Queen Bee Extinct?

Workplace “Queen Bees” claim more affinity with men than women and distance themselves from other women. If the Queen Bee isn’t dead yet, I would like to accelerate her demise! Gender diversity in leadership is good for business. And women won’t reach the upper ranks of business in sufficient numbers to deliver the upsides without the full support of their own.