Getting to Gender Balance: Let’s Drop the Resentment and Fear

Send to KindleThis is the season of love, joy and peace. I’m looking at how we achieve real diversity and inclusion in the workplace in that spirit – of peace on earth and good will to men and women. As we celebrate progress in the area of gender balance in the...

Gender Parity: A Realistic Goal?

McKinsey has concluded that it will take 25 years to reach “gender parity” at the senior VP level and more than 100 years to reach parity in the C-suite. Is “parity” realistic and attainable even in a century? I don’t think so. Even if we could magically eliminate all unconscious gender bias, other factors would make parity unlikely. There are key reasons other than bias – like free choice. I will continue to help eliminate bias so choice is truly free.

Impact Investing with a Gender Lens: Many Facets of Achieving Gender Diversity

Last week Denver hosted the first ever symposium on this topic, Impact Investing with a Gender Lens. Attendees were people either expert, interested or involved in some facet of supporting women. I learned about firms that bring pressure on companies to have women on boards, companies that screen investments based on gender diversity criteria and sustainable investing funds. The symposium widened my lens, but I still see unconscious gender bias as a key element of making a reality of gender diversity at all levels of business – and achieving gender balance throughout the world.