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locker-room-talkThis is not a political blog. Taking a position on either Presidential candidate will alienate a body of readers. But I can’t let the recent revelation of Trump’s “locker-room talk” video pass. This cuts too close to the mission of DifferenceWORKS. The mission is to help create a world that values both men and women – and masculine and feminine strengths in all of us. That requires confronting gender bias.

One major impediment to gender equality is the cultural bias in favor of masculine over feminine strengths. It its worst form, it objectifies, marginalizes or demonizes women. Trump did all of this in his unquotable interview bragging that, when you are famous, “you can do anything” — in the context of groping women. Even if, as Trump said in the debate, it was “only talk,” it is talk that reeks of gender bias. His point that others do it too just makes him part of a bigger issue. His calling it “locker-room talk” is an insult to athletes.

I simply cannot imagine this point of view being held or expressed in the highest office of the land. Our national values stand against the abuse of women, including the treatment of women under Sharia law in the Middle East. With Trump as President, could we stand up against subjugating women without having his words thrown back at us?