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Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen Elizabeth Warren wave to the crowd before a campaign rally on June 27, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio.Today I saw Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren address a campaign rally. Regardless of one’s political views, that was quite a picture! Not one but TWO women in positions of influence and power.

I have not been able to resist the temptation to talk about gender in the presidential race. I held forth on why I think having a woman as a serious contender for the presidency can advance the cause of gender equity. My newsletter (coming July 6) will address the way gender is an element in this campaign. Neither of those pieces – nor this one – is about my political views or preferences. All are about the impact of this race on my mission of gender diversity.

For decades the images we have of leadership in our country has been gendered. That is a natural outcome of the fact that, for decades, leaders of most business sectors and government have been white male. So, of course, we think of a white male figure in association with “leadership.” As more and more women have assumed positions of power (20 women CEO’s in the S&P 500), that image has been slowly changing.

Pictures of those two women in blue surely will accelerate that change.