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holiday imageIt is the week of Christmas! I still have gifts to wrap, packages to ship, and meals to prepare. It has been years since I mailed a Christmas card! Let this blog be my e-greeting to those who follow my blog or posting on social media sites. Here are a few holiday thoughts:

FUN: There are things I love about this holiday. I get teary-eyed when I hear Christmas carols. I love the candlelight service at my church. Buying gifts for my children and grandchildren gives me a thrill. I enjoy decorating Christmas cookies as much as Ella (age 4) – as long as we are doing it together. This year Gray (age 21 months) will add even more fun than last year. May your holidays be full of thrills and fun.

CHILD-LIKE JOY: Once the actual day of Christmas has passed, I actually experience relief. I cannot wait to get the trimmings down. As summer turns to autumn, to tell the truth, I dread it – because it means it will not be long until the holidays. I need to work on remembering the good parts and replace dread with more child-like anticipation! I wish you child-like joy, too!

PEACE: In October of this year, I was in Jerusalem. I saw Jews, Christians and Muslims experiencing reverence for their respective holy sites, all in that one city. In my travels I have seen many examples of people of different faiths living peacefully together. I will think of Jerusalem this week. May the peace of this holiday pervade that part of the world. May it fill your world and the WHOLE world.

Blessings, Caroline