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When you read this, Thanksgiving will be over, and shopping for holiday gifts will be gearing up. When my next newsletter comes, we will be in a new year. The meaning of each of these holidays, to me, is:

  • Thanksgiving: gratitude
  • Christmas: celebration and giving
  • New Year’s: a new start

The mission of DifferenceWORKS is to help create workplaces that value, in both men and women, both masculine and feminine ways of thinking, working and leading. It is a niche, a part of the broader area of diversity and inclusion and a small part of the global issues related to women’s rights. My thoughts for these holidays are based on this mission.

For Thanksgiving, I am grateful that American women have made more advances than in many areas of the world. At DifferenceWORKS, we focus on eliminating unconscious mind-sets that keep women from reaching their potential – not on issues, also very important, like governments that deprive women of the right to drive, vote or hold a job. We focus on the goal of gender diversity at the top in business – not on other critical issues like the poverty rate of U.S. women or violence against women. I am grateful for the progress of women, but very aware that there is far to go and much else to do.

I am grateful that my health has returned enough that I am back out there doing workshops and have momentum going into 2015. I am grateful for you for following me and supporting me in my mission.

For the season of giving, I give you a copy of the masculine-feminine continuum. Click here. The continuum forms the backbone of our workshops and shows the “poles” of masculine and feminine behavior in eight dimensions of the workplace. I give you a commitment to keep at my mission; to develop new workshops that address different needs; and to improve our delivery and follow-up capabilities.

And I give you my best wishes for the best holiday ever. May you receive all you desire!

For New Year’s, I am celebrating the end of one year and a fresh start in 2015. This year has been challenging for me. A big surgery that was predicted to slow me down for a month slowed me down for three; and I still have impairments. So happy farewell to 2014. Here’s to a fresh start in 2015 that builds on the momentum I experienced in October and November.

May anything negative for your in 2014 be left behind. Here’s to a great start to your new year!