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Justin Trudeau

Canada has a self-proclaimed feminist as its leader. Prime Minister Justin Trudea wants to call himself a feminist without it making headlines. “It shouldn’t be something that creates a reaction. It’s simply saying that I believe in the equality of men and women and that we still have an awful lot of work to do to get there. That’s like saying the sky is blue and the grass is green.”

MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) showcased Trudea for his “leadership in advancing gender diversity and gender equity.” In his speech after receiving a Catalyst award, he said, “For true courage, look to when a woman decides to throw her hat in the political arena, even after witnessing that hostile environment that so often awaits her. True courage is fighting for that raise because you know you deserve pay equal or greater to that of your male colleagues. True courage is standing up and demanding better representation, better treatment, and better opportunities . . . .”

If the word “feminist” evokes a negative image of angry, bra-burning women, listen to Mr. Trudea. Being a feminist simply means valuing women equally with men. It means women should have human rights.

I try to avoid controversial issues in my blogs. This year, I stay away from election politics even with some friends! I will just say that I am saddened by the mirroring “gender divides” in the two major parties. I am turned off by the discussion about the “woman card.” And I am pondering how life could be if our head of state turns out to be a misogynist vs. a feminist. William Falk, editor-in-chief of The Week magazine (May 13, 2016), addressed this, saying, “A woman whom many view as the embodiment of feminism will take on a man whose concept of masculinity predates the existence of feminism.”

Would having a feminist (male or female) as President, over time, move the needle on gender diversity and gender equality? Would having someone who is far from a feminist set us back?

I’ve heard people threaten that, if a certain person wins the White House, they will move to Canada. On this issue, that appears to be a fitting choice!

What changes might you expect from a feminist President?