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It feels good when you get evidence that your work makes a difference. I got such evidence last week when I was finishing up a workshop on leveraging masculine and feminine strengths. A young woman (I’ll call her Anne) approached me and said that, during the workshop, she had recognized me as the woman who had delivered a workshop at her company some 13 years ago. Back then, Anne was an entry level employee at a large financial services institution. She is now in senior management at the same company. In that long-ago workshop, I addressed the situation that women often experience – being “talked over” in a meeting or having their idea repeated by a man, who then gets credit for it. We had explored what a woman can do – when it happens to her or when she sees it happen to another woman.

Anne told me last week that she has used what she learned 13 years ago throughout her career – and had advised numerous other women on how to be heard in meetings! I made a difference to Anne, and, through her, to other women!

The world needs the voices of women. I feel great satisfaction to know I’ve helped give voice to a few!