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I’ve started exploring roots of differences between “masculine” and “feminine” approaches to work. In addition to the structural differences in the brain that I covered in my last blog, Roots In Nature (part 1), there is more!

Differences include:

  • Max’s brain is larger
  • The tissue bridge between the two hemispheres is larger in Fran
  • The part of the brain that is the source of anger, fear and aggression is larger in Max’s brain
  • The part of the brain related to “gut feelings” is larger in Fran’s brain.

Do you think that men and women, in general, tend to think differently? Men complain that women “jump all over the place.” Women think men are too logical and linear. Our brains (and hormones) are behind these different generalizations.  Max’s brain is wired to focus, to help him avoid distractions and hone in on the goal he is pursuing. Fran’s brain is wired to gather and synthesize.

Of course, we need both kinds of brains—lots of people like Max and lots of people like Fran—to make the best decisions. Max will keep a team focused and make sure the goal is accomplished. Fran will cast the net widely to be sure no issues or long-term impacts are overlooked—so the outcome really works.

Do you see these differences at work? Where is each kind of thinking most valuable?