Culture Change Tools

Tools for Effective Culture Change

Benchmarking Human Capital Capabilities

A corporate leader’s primary focus is on managing the bottom line. Great leaders know that a key element of managing the bottom line is managing the organization’s human capital. Understanding the organization’s culture and whether it brings out the best in people is key to sustainable success.

To help leaders understand what is working and what could work better is a benchmarking report called, “The Human Capability Scorecard.” This tool was highlighted in the Harvard Business Review article “Maximizing Your Return on People” by Laurie Bassi and Dan McMurrer Harvard Business Review, March 2007. Their firm, McBassi & Company, is a strategic partner of DifferenceWORKS.

Caroline works with the client and McBassi to determine what is most useful to measure. The online benchmarking tool is then offered to all or select employees. McBassi and DifferenceWORKS help the client interpret the report, which makes clear what is working—and in what divisions, offices or groups–and what could work better in groups whose scores are lower. Caroline can then help the client develop and execute action plans to keep what is working, improve what isn’t and build processes and skills to better manage the organization’s human capital.

Appreciative Inquiry
DifferenceWORKS collaborates with other professionals to bring clients the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). AI is a defined process for identifying the unique strengths of the organization and creating action plans to build on those strengths. DifferenceWORKS guides the client through this collaborative, positive and proven process, which focuses on what is working rather than “what is wrong.”

The AI process starts with a core group identifying 3-5 organizational strengths and then conducting interviews of a broad cross-section of employees to collect stories that illustrate the core strengths. The stories are then distilled into key elements that become the basis of action planning to integrate them into the processes and structures of the organization. This process encourages positive behaviors and contributes to enhanced workplace results.