Caroline’s book, published 2012

Difference Works: Improving Retention, Productivity and Profitability through Inclusion

Difference-Works-book-cover-1_final1-682x1024-200x300The bottom-line value of gender diversity in leadership is well documented. Yet many businesses are not capturing this value. The price tag of not creating cultures that work for both men and women includes lower employee engagement and higher turnover. Difference Works will help you understand this problem and solve it—increasing engagement, retention and results.

The book presents the compelling business case for creating inclusive workplace cultures. It sheds light on why women leave businesses at a much higher rate than men. And it provides tools for creating a workplace where women as well as men feel valued and included—and so want to stay and contribute to extraordinary outcomes.

Difference Works demonstrates the strengths of both masculine and feminine approaches to work. With the help of two characters, Max and Fran, you will gain the ability to see and understand both approaches in areas such as work style, relationships, conflict and humor. You’ll get tools to apply these insights to improve your own working relationships with men and women—and to build an inclusive culture that leverages strengths all along a “masculine-feminine continuum.”

Now a speaker and consultant and expert in gender differences, Caroline Turner distills in Difference Works her own experiences as a professional and C level executive with extensive research and clearly presented insights on workplace behavior.

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