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bell curves 2013I continue to work on practicing what I preach, consciously leveraging both masculine and feminine aspects of myself. I look for the “Max” ways I think and act, Max being the prototype of the masculine. I recognize the “Fran” parts of my thinking and behavior; Fran is the prototype representing the typical or average woman. (I use these prototypes rather than stereotyping about how men and women think or act; men and women all have some elements of both masculine and feminine.)

I am still recovering from neck-fusion surgery and resulting nerve damage. My arms and hands still are not functioning at 100%. Nerves heal, I am told, really slowly. For many weeks, I have been unable to operate at my usual (fast) level of multi-tasking. Initially, I could do very little work. Now I am trying to strike the balance – between doing as much as I can and taking care of myself and my long-term healing.

A friend suggested I think about this as the need to balance the Max and Fran parts of myself. The Max or masculine part of me (a big part) wants to dive right in, build my business back up quickly, get results. This part is “lit up” when I am creating a workshop or article or confirming a speaking engagement. My Fran or feminine part is more cautious, less focused on one thing (getting a result), less competitive. This part weighs multiple issues and perspectives. This part assures (or is supposed to assure) I get enough self-nurturing and nurturing generally.

My inclination is to follow my Max elements and get moving. I recognize that I need to honor my Fran nature and avoid speeding up too soon. I am grateful for both parts of myself. Just as balance in the workplace and in leadership style is a good thing, a personal balance of masculine and feminine is good for me!