Kaleidoscope Diversity & Inclusion Solutions

Kaleidoscope & Difference Works Alliance

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Full Service Diversity & Inclusion Solutions

DifferenceWORKS (DW) has allied with The Kaleidoscope Group (KG), a full-service Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) consulting firm. This alliance allows us (DW) to provide our expertise on gender difference as part of a broader engagement to support an organization’s diversity and inclusion goals.

Learn more about the KG and DifferenceWORKS Alliance with this pdf download.

KG supports an organization at every stage of the diversity and inclusion journey. An alliance with DW permits KG to include gender solutions as part of their full suite of D&I offerings. Sometimes gender elements may be the primary focus of an engagement; sometimes gender may be incorporated into a broader D&I effort. Below is a pictorial view of what the Diversity & Inclusion Journey looks like, including gender elements and a brief description of each step in the journey.

Develop or confirm the vision of success for diversity and inclusion (including gender diversity) to guide and direct the overall strategy.

The D&I Journey

Vision of Success – Develop or confirm the vision of success for diversity and inclusion (including gender diversity) to guide and direct the overall strategy.

Assessment – Conduct assessments across a variety of D&I best practice areas, as needed, to understand the strengths and barriers impacting success in achieving diversity, and gather recommendations from men and women. This step includes reviewing the effectiveness of the existing gender D&I effort, practices and strategies in order to improve results for all stakeholders.

Strategy – Establish and/or refine D&I goals, timelines, and action plans, to include a focus on gender along with many other dimensions of diversity, in order to achieve real change and enhance business success.

Communication – Strategically, share the vision of success, assessment results, and the D&I strategy with organization stakeholders, so that everyone understands the road to success and their roles and responsibilities.

Education – Design and implement a D&I Education roadmap, (which will include training on gender differences and unconscious gender bias), to develop cultural competency in all stakeholders. The roadmap is based on organizational needs and the competencies needed to achieve the targeted gender and other D&I outcomes.

Implementations – Develop implementations plans and assign stakeholder roles and responsibilities for implementing the plan.

Accountability – Develop systems to ensure that accountability is established.

Measurement – Develop and/or enhance measurement systems, processes and tools to ensure progress on the journey is monitored and measured.

Engage Leadership – Engage leadership throughout the journey to ensure leadership buy-in to D&I and to develop champions.

In every D&I journey, there will be resistance to change. By following this methodology, that resistance will be turned into energy and motivation for change and every person in the organization will realize that gender D&I is a win/win for everyone.

Our alliance enables us to offer unique and powerful solutions together, some of which include:

  • Women in Leadership Business Resource Group
  • Beyond the Inner Circle Executive Session
  • Leveraging Masculine and Feminine Strengths eLearning
  • The Inclusive Leader: Using & Appreciating Gender Strengths
  • Profile of Success: Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling
  • Enhancing Executive Presence
  • Real Talk Dialogue: Kill the Queen Bee

DifferenceWORKS is proud to be in collaboration with The Kaleidoscope Group, to offer our expertise in the larger context provided by KG. If you are looking for other diversity programs, visit The Kaleidoscope Group.