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There has been a (too) long hiatus in my blog posts. Though I’ve taken a break from my blog, I have not taken a break from focusing on the importance of creating work cultures that are inclusive of both masculine and feminine approaches. For the last several weeks, I was working on completing my BOOK on this topic! The book’s title is Difference Works: Inclusion, Engagement and Retention for Better Business Results. Now in the copyediting process, it will be available January 9, 2011.

I most recently did a series of eight blogs on the business case for having a gender-inclusive workplace. Gender diversity pays. And yet women score lower on surveys measuring engagement and job satisfaction. Businesses lose women at twice the rate they lose men—and, as a result, often fail to realize the upsides of gender diversity. Women are nearly half of the workforce but are represented at lower and lower percentages at the upper levels of most corporations. Women are “leaking” from a gender-diverse pipeline. See the resulting “pyramid” shape in the Fortune 500 at .

My book, workshops and speeches are all intended to help business leaders and managers create inclusive workplaces where women are engaged and want to stay.

My book (and workshops) cover:

  • The data showing the leakage of women from the pipeline
  • The business case for engaging and retaining women (as well as men)
  • The reasons women leave a workplace (understanding causes is important to designing solutions that will work)
  • And THEN an approach for closing the leak in the pipeline and achieving gender diversity.

Stay tuned!