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masc fem careI recently had a fairly major surgery and found myself spending a week in a rehabilitation hospital. I continue to “rehab” at home. There have been many lessons, including patience, acceptance and compassion for others who had lost some aspect of their health. I had wonderful caretakers – friends, my children, nurses, doctors, physical therapists and occupational therapists. I saw both masculine and feminine styles – and I needed both.

Some of my caretakers were nurturing, gentle and solicitous. At times I needed these feminine strengths. Others were firm and directive and pushed me to do as much as I could do for myself. At times these masculine approaches were just what I needed.

My work is about achieving a balance of masculine and feminine in the workplace and in the world. My vision is of a world where both masculine and feminine are equally valued. Just look around and see how much we need both!

Where, in daily life, have you seen the benefits of both masculine and feminine ways of thinking and acting?