Diversity: Better Decisions and Innovation

Better decisions really do come from diverse groups. The comfort of being with those like ourselves makes us pay attention less; having even one person who is different from the group norm makes people process information more carefully. There is more creativity and innovation, and outcomes are better and more sustainable.

The Business Case for Gender Diversity: Update 2017

The business case for gender diversity in leadership is compelling. I’ve updated it to include (more) recent studies linking diversity and financial performance.

“Women in the Workplace” – Why the Hostility?

I look forward to studying the recently published report by Lean In and McKinsey & Company, “Women in the Workplace 2015.” Sheryl Sandberg’s piece announcing the report in the Wall Street Journal, “When Women Get Stuck, Corporate America Gets Stuck,” got a lot of commentary very fast. In the first hours after it hit the internet, most of the comments are from men. And many of those can only be called defensive, hostile and closed-minded. What’s with the backlash?