We helped leaders improve productivity, profitability, and retention by unleashing the talents of more of their workforce.

We helped crack the code on inclusion with gender and other forms of diversity!

DifferenceWORKS operated from 2010-2021. Over 250 blogs remain a powerful resource on gender and racial inclusion.

Caroline's Book

Difference Works: Improving Retention, Productivity and Profitability through inclusion. Learn more »

Consulting and Coaching

Our consulting and coaching services, to help leaders expand engagement, are now available only on a limited basis. Learn more »

Keynotes & Workshops

Our keynotes & workshops, no longer offered, were to develop leaders, build teams and inspire people to leverage difference. Learn more »

DifferenceWORKS previously offered:

  • Workshops develop leaders, build teams and inspire people to leverage the breadth of workforce talent;
  • Keynote addresses underscore the business value of inclusion and increase understanding of difference in an inspiring and memorable way;
  • Consulting programs support leaders in driving performance by expanding engagement.