Workshop Series: Example 2 – “Leading, Engaging and Retaining Difference”

  • Session 1: Being Different, Being Engaged
    • Assess the level of inclusiveness in your organization
    • Identify the sub-cultures that are “dominant” and who “fits” that profile and who doesn’t
    • Become a fish who can see the water of the organization’s culture
    • Understand the business case for leveraging difference
  • Session 2:  Masculine and Feminine Style at Work
    • Masculine and feminine—not men and women
    • Gender difference:  nature and nurture
    • Masculine and feminine at work: exploring 10 areas
    • From static to engagement
  • Session 3:  Four Generations Working Side by Side
    • Introducing the generations
    • Influences that shaped the generations
    • What the experts say about the generations
    • The generations at work
    • Strengths and challenges

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