Workshop Series: Example 1 – “Leadership for the 21st Century”

  • Session 1:  The Case for Change
    • Why Leadership Needs to Change: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Workforce
    • The Business Case for Inclusivity
    • Leading Change
    • Personal Vision
  • Session 2:  Leading to Leverage Difference
    • Gender at Work:  Leveraging Masculine and Feminine Approaches
    • Generations at Work
    • Other ‘Isms’
  • Session 3:  Emotional Intelligence:  The Most Important Way to Be Smart
    • Our Brains and Our Emotions
    • Practicing Emotional Self Awareness
    • Using EQ at Work
    • Review of Individual EQ-i® Reports
    • Practicing Empathy
    • Practicing Interpersonal Relationships


Click here to view example 2 – “Leading, Engaging and Retaining Difference” (3 sessions)

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