DifferenceWorks provides services in tailoring and interpreting employee surveys to assess the level of engagement among groups (e.g., data by gender, age, work group, division).

We can then help develop tailored solutions – which may include training in the form of workshops coaching or implementation of monitoring processes and rewards.

DifferenceWORKS’s Approach to Creating an Inclusive Culture

Attracting and retaining today’s diverse workforce is one of the biggest challenges leaders face. To become an “employer of choice,” companies must bring out the very best in every employee. Are you prepared to apply the principles of diversity and inclusion? DifferenceWORKS provides consulting that promotes leaders’ ability to address and leverage all kinds of difference. We help leaders:

  • Understand the implications of four generations working together in the workplace;
  • Identify differences in the perspectives, needs and approaches of two genders, four generations and people with all kinds of differences, including ethnicity, thinking style and communication approach; and
  • Acquire tools and tactics to engage all employees and build teams that work effectively.

DifferenceWORKS consults with businesses that want to create inclusive cultures—with leaders who want to broaden engagement and increase retention within their organization. Every consulting engagement is targeted to the unique needs and aspirations of the client. Which employees are engaged and who is less engaged? In what group is turnover (or the risk of turnover) the highest? What is missing for people in this group that would enable them feel valued and heard—and therefore engaged and committed?

Caroline brings her skills and experience to helping leaders envision the inclusive culture that they need for sustained performance–and then develop and execute an action plan for improving employee engagement, productivity and retention.

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