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"If you’re looking for an approach to building more effective relationships among men and women in your workplace, Caroline has it. She has experience, credibility and an approach that works. Her book will help leaders build skills to create inclusive cultures and engage both men and women. Those skills can be applied to leveraging all kinds of differences in the workforce."
- Leo Kiely, recently retired CEO MillerCoors Brewing Company

"I always knew women were a key asset to the businesses I led. Difference Works helps me understand better than ever why that is so. I recommend it to all business leaders and managers who know that it is their job to create cultures that work for both men and women."
- Bill Dehn, Executive Vice President, former Board Member and Chair of Board’s Workforce and Diversity Committee, CH2MHill Companies Ltd.

“Caroline’s workshop enabled our salesmen, installers and call center team members to dramatically improve their customer education scores with both men and women. They said they applied knowledge from the workshop to engage more effectively with customers at home! Her book now makes this information broadly available—so it will unleash better results for your organization and for you as an individual.“
- Colleen Abdoulah, CEO and Board Chair, WOW! Internet, Cable, Phone